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    If you love science fiction, you will love this game without a doubt. The setting is in a spaceship. Players are required to take control of the spaceship, choose facilities, recruit a crew, and commence intergalactic adventures. The intergalactic adventures mentioned ending up in fights with ludicrous aliens. While battles are between warships, players can engage in mini-games where they fight using particular weapons.

    The players should take control of their crew one by one, in either putting out on board fires or fighting back. All this while, remaining cautious lest your crew gets sucked into the void of space. With time, and as one perfects multitasking skills, the crew grows in strength and expertise. It is only until then that the crew is capable of operating various ship stations with minimal supervision. Sounds fun, right?

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    Oussama Terwait
    writer and blogger, founder of Android Free Games .

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