Download Dumb Ways to Die 2 for Android

    As much as this game is interesting, it makes you think twice before doing any stupid things in real life. Those who did the graphics part of it did their job right. No wonder the game makes it to the best offline android games list.

    While some of the characters die what many would refer to as “gruesome deaths”, the stupidity leading to those deaths makes you feel like laughing. Without a doubt, the game is funny. The main idea is to keep the characters from killing themselves. Thus, you should prevent them from doing silly things such as sticking forks in the toasters, removing helmets in outer space among other dangerous things that can cost one’s life.

    At times, you may even have to jump over electric hurdles just to save the characters’ lives. Do not be quick to judge how easy this game is, you ought to hear this! As you advance through the levels, the game’s speed increases. Consequently, you will find yourself with little time to save the characters. The player’s aggressiveness comes in handy at this point. While this might sound obvious, do not try anything on the game at home!

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    Oussama Terwait
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