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    Angry Birds is perhaps one of the most popular android games and Angry Bird Space is simply a better and more thrilling version to check out. The game has been developed by Rovio and introduces a number of interesting play concepts. The puzzles are also better and the overall ingenuity in creating it is perfect. Angry Birds Space is perhaps one of the best free android games in the market.

    Generally, the Angry Birds are a type of game in which it is inspired primarily on sketch of stylized wingless birds. Its gaming descriptions are that, players must use slingshots in which it brings launches of birds at the pigs on one side.
    There are various structures that you are going to destroy in order to win. As you advance through the game, there are new types of birds that are available and it can use according to its functions as well as abilities. Here are the individual descriptions of birds commonly found in the game.

    1. Red. This is the most basic type of bird. Though it is not capable of flying you can use the slingshots in which it will instantly fly and hit on the pigs towards the other side. Additionally, this type break glass easily but it can stop thicker construction materials.
    2. Blue. These kind posses a super fast explicative cycle. In other words, it can produce into three pieces in just a second.
    3. Yellow. This is the angriest among of the other birds. This dreaded triangular yellow color bird is feared the most.
    4. Black. This is the most dangerous bird for it feasts on beans and cabbage for most of its adult life. They are able to release gasses thus generate explode in an instant.
    5. White. They are the prolific type which lay eggs and dropped on the target.
    6. Big red and boomerang. The boomerang can curve around and hit the back of the structures. While the big red is one of the kind among the red birds.

    Did you know? That playing the Angry Birds will develop mental functioning. Indeed, it has mental benefits that the game brings. You will develop your problem solving and logic skills. You can develop your special skills, fine motor and even hand eye coordination. Since the game brings challenges you will persevere in getting your goal, in which to win. All you want is to destroy the structures of the pigs so that you can proceed to the next challenge. This is the reason why you tend to develop a strategy using your mental capacity in order to be successful in playing.

    However, just like every game, there are common disadvantages that it also brings. These are:

    1. Since there is no introductory game, the users didn’t know how to play. In other words, there is no motivation from that start.
    2. Players cannot anymore retrieve the levels of the game especially when you want to leave it for a long time.
    3. Since the game tends to become addictive, users may tend to forget the things that must be prioritized. Bear in mind that you must used and manage your time well enough in order to prevent the possibility of regrets.

    As a result, the overall gaming mode is very enjoyable at the same time gives so much fun and excitement.
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